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Areas of Practice

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Real Estate Law in Hampden County, Massachusetts

Real Estate and Property Law in Massachusetts includes a wide amount of topics including buying and selling residential or commercial property.  Common Real Estate and Property Law disputes involve maintenance of condominiums, establishing property titles and boundary lines, and zoning.  Real Estate Law also comprises the financial aspects of property, such as mortgages and foreclosures.

Buying or Selling Property Information

  • Brokers are the prople who help people find properties, help owners sell property and help with all the paperwork involved with property transactions
  • Disclosure: If you are selling a home, you must be sure to reveal all the property's defects you are aware of
  • Buyer's Duties:  A buyer should also inspect the property for defects that the seller is unaware of.  Additionally, buyers should check to see if there are any mortgages or liens on the property.

    Residential Property Renting
    Landlord and Tenant responsibilities.  The landlord owes the tenant several duties:
    • Habitability: Guarantees the property is habitable, meaning that the property has regularly been maintained and repairs are completed as they arise.
    • Ordinances:  The landlord guarantees the property conforms to city and state laws
      Tenants responsibilites:
    • Pay rent on time
    • Adhere to your lease's restrictions.  Failing to fulfill these duties could result in eviction

      Allyn & Ball will help you understand your legal rights in any real estate dispute.  Contact us today or fill out the form on this page to request a free case evaluation.

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