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Types of Discrimination

>   Race or Color
>   National Origin
>   Sex
>   Religion
>   Age
>   Disability
>   Pregnancy
>   Sexual Orientation

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Employment Discrimination in Hampden County, Massachusetts

Are you a Victim of Employment Discrimination?
Massachusetts and the federal government have laws that prohibit private persons, organizations or governments from discriminating against people because of certain protected characteristics. 

When Does Employment Discrimination Occur?
Employment discrimination occurs when a person:

  • believes he or she has control over some aspect of your life
  • identifies you as belonging to a legally protected group because of a characteristic
  • using his or her control, treats you unfairy because you belong to a protected group.

    Proof of Employment Discrimination
    To prove employment discrimination, you must show that the employer intended to treat you differently because of the characteristic.  This intent can also be demonstrated if the employer has treated a lot of other persons with the same protected characteristic unfairly.

    Do I Need an Attorney for my Employment Discrimination Case?
    Pursing an employment discrimination claim against an employer is complicated because procedural laws vary depending on where and when you file your claim.  A lawyer will help you with the filing deadlines specific to your claim.  Also, because the EEOC investigators will not get to your claim immediately
    , a lawyer can help you investigate and pursue any additional remedies.  It is also a good idea to see a lawyer before signing a waiver or other severance package. 

    Unemployment Appeals

    Know your rights.  Although your employer may have terminated your employment you may still be eligible to collect unemployment benefits.

    the Mass. Legal Service Guide at: 

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To obtain more information about Civil Service Law, please contact one of our attorneys and or visit the Massachusetts Civil Service Commission at:


To obtain more information about Employment Discrimination, please contact one of your attorneys or visit the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination at:


Unemployment Appeals


Notable Discrimination Cases


Moriarty v. Sullivan, et al.

 Moriarty, an employee, was wrongfully terminated by his employer.  The employer sought to attempt to defend the case with the Massachusetts Anti-Slapp Statute and sought an appeal.

 The firm aggressively defended the Appeal and argued the issue before the Massachusetts Appeals Court.


The employer lost its Appeal and settled the suit for $200,000.00

Civil Service Appeal  

Attorney Allyn recently represented a Civil Service employee before the Massachusetts Civil Service Commission after incoming Holyoke Mayor Alex Morse wrongfully terminated her employment contrary to the Massachusetts Civil Service Statute.

 The Employee was ordered reinstated to her position with an award of back pay and cost by the Massachusetts Civil Service Commission for Wrongful Termination.



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